Choosing Protective Sunglasses for Sports & Outdoor Activities: Top Tips

How do you choose the right sunglasses for outdoor activities and sports that protect your eyes from UV rays and offer a cool look? It can be a challenge. It is important to wear sunglasses that protect your eyes from UV rays. The right pair of shades can not only help you look cool, but also shield your eyes from the harshness of the sun.  There are many things to consider like selecting the correct lens color and frame material, comprehending UVA/UVB protection ratings, and more. Get ready for your next sporting event or outdoor adventure with all the information you need. Let’s discuss all the tips and tricks you need to choose protective sunglasses

What to Look for When Buying Sunglasses for Sports & Outdoor Activities

1. The level of protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays

Sunglasses should offer 100% protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

2. The fit

Sunglasses should fit snugly and comfortably on your face to prevent them from slipping during physical activity.

3. The lens material

Polycarbonate or impact-resistant lenses are ideal for sports and outdoor activities as they are less likely to shatter if they are dropped or hit.

4. The frame style

Choose a frame style that will stay in place on your head, even when you are sweating.

Wraparound frames are a good option as they provide additional side protection from the sun’s rays.

The Different Types of Lenses

There are three main types of lenses used in protective sunglasses:

  • Glass lenses are the most scratch-resistant and have the best clarity, but they’re also the heaviest.
  • Polycarbonate lenses are lighter and shatter-resistant, making them a good choice for active sports.
  • CR-39 lenses are the lightest and most affordable option, but they’re not as scratch-resistant as glass or polycarbonate.
Some of the most popular frame styles for protective sunglasses are:


These sunglasses wrap around your head to provide maximum coverage and protection from the sun. They’re great for outdoor activities like hiking or biking.


Sports sunglasses are designed to stay in place during vigorous activity. They often have rubberized grips on the nose and temples to keep them from slipping. Many sports sunglasses also have polarization, which helps reduce glare.


Fashion sunglasses come in a variety of styles to suit any taste. They range from classic designs to more modern, trendy looks. While they may not offer as much protection as other types of sunglasses, they can still help reduce eye fatigue from staring at the sun.

Tips for Choosing Protective Sunglasses for Sports:

  1. Light-Weight Polycarbonate Frames and Lenses: Choose sunglasses with lightweight frames made of polycarbonate material for optimal comfort and performance. This material is durable and ideal for high-impact activities, providing effective protection against impact, scratching, and UV radiation. The lenses should also be made of polycarbonate for clarity and protection.
  • Comfort, Fit, and Grip: Ensure the sunglasses fit comfortably on your face and stay in place while engaging in physical activity. Look for adjustable nose pads and temples, and a secure fit to prevent slippage during vigorous activity.
  • Ratings and ANSI Certification: Look for sunglasses with a rating for ultraviolet (UV) protection and ensure that the sunglasses have ANSI certification, which confirms that they meet impact resistance standards. This will ensure your eyes are protected from harmful UV rays during outdoor activities.
  • Match Lens Tint to Sports Activity: The right lens tint can enhance your performance and protect your eyes from the sun and glare. For example, yellow lenses are good for low-light conditions while gray lenses are good for bright, sunny days. Choose the lens tint that is best suited to your sports activity.
  • Personalization: Choose sunglasses that can be personalized to meet your specific needs. For example, interchangeable lenses that can be switched out to match changing light conditions, or sunglasses with removable foam padding to provide additional protection against debris and wind.
  • Anti-Fog Lenses and Ventilated Frames: For sports in humid conditions, choose sunglasses with anti-fog lenses and ventilated frames. This will help prevent fog buildup on the lenses and allow air to circulate to keep your eyes cool and dry.
  • Full Coverage to Prevent Debris and Irritation: Make sure the sunglasses provide full coverage to protect your eyes from debris, wind, and sun. Look for sunglasses with large lenses, wraparound frames, or detachable foam padding to keep your eyes comfortable and protected during outdoor activities.

How to Choose the Right Pair of Sunglasses for You?

When choosing sunglasses, consider the activity you’ll use them for. For outdoor activities like hiking or biking, opt for glasses with UV protection and made of durable materials. For sports, find sunglasses with rubberized grips or head straps, and impact-resistant lenses. Whichever type you choose, prioritize a good fit and comfortable coverage. Avoid glasses that slip off during intense activities or sweating. Try on different options until you find one that feels secure.

In conclusion, the choice of protective sunglasses for sports and outdoor activities requires thoughtful consideration. Aspects such as lightweight frames, impact-resistant lenses, anti-fog lenses, and a comfortable fit should all be taken into account. City Optik is an expert in providing high-quality protective sunglasses, with Opticals in Palakkad, Thalassery, Tirur, and Trivandrum. We also have an extensive collection of glasses and Contact Lenses in Kozhikode outlet to make you comfortable. Our extensive range of options ensures you will find the ideal sunglasses to keep your eyes safe during all your outdoor sports activities. Our top tips provide a checklist of features to look for when choosing protective sunglasses so that you can find an option that fits your needs and provides adequate protection without compromising on style. Make sure to always wear sunglasses with UV protection during outdoor activities and sports as it’s one of the best ways to protect your eyes from harm!