4 Signs It’s Time to Update The Prescription of Your eyeglasses

Even though you’ve been using your glasses for a while, you might be thinking that they still provide you with perfect eyesight. You could think that your vision is flawless, but there might be changes that you are not aware of. In addition to making it more difficult to see well, wearing glasses with an old prescription might worsen the deterioration of your vision. It is important to get eye exams and have your prescription updated regularly. There are many signs and symptoms you can recognise on your own in addition to visiting an optician for an eye exam:

Blurred Vision

If you’ve been wearing the same prescription for a while, it’s possible that your vision has changed and you don’t even realise it. Blurred vision is one of the most common signs that your eyeglasses need an update.
If your vision seems blurry or out of focus, it’s time to book an appointment with your eye doctor. They will be able to determine if your current prescription is still accurate and make any necessary adjustments.

Eye Fatigue

One of the most obvious indications that your eyesight has changed is if your eyes feel tired or strained. Many different things, from how much sleep you’re receiving to seasonal allergies, might lead to eye weariness or strain. These elements, though, should only persist for a day or two. You will require a new glasses prescription if you constantly feel tired in your eyes. This will help to reduce the strain.


Many times people fail to notice even the smallest change in their eyesight, but they also are unaware that their brain is capable of doing so. When the brain is notified, it will strive desperately to fix the issue, but in doing so, it uses too much energy and finally exhausts itself, resulting in a headache. Nearsighted people frequently have headaches on the front of the head or directly above the eyebrow. Farsighted individuals, meanwhile, frequently get headaches from spending too much time focusing on small details. Headaches can be a sign that your eyeglass lenses are no longer providing the optimal level of correction for your eyesight.

Light Sensitivity

If you find yourself squinting or straining to see even when there’s plenty of light, it could be a sign that your eyes are sensitive to light. Any light sensitivity should prompt a visit to the doctor because it could mean that:

  • You’re experiencing eye fatigue
  • You have an infection in your eyes
  • You might have other visual issues that need urgent care

Light sensitivity is a common symptom of several different eye conditions, including astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. If you’re experiencing this symptom, make an appointment with your eye optometrist to get your vision checked.

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